Experienced accountants in London

EE Consulting is one of the leading consulting companies in the London area, handling finances for individuals and businesses.

Financial planning for all

Whether you are an individual needing self-assessment assistance or a business looking for tax saving measures, our highly committed team of specialist accountants with expertise in all areas of financial services and business management are here to help. From payroll processing for businesses to helping individuals to plan their finances, we can do it all. Find out more about us.
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Our services include

•  Accountancy
•  Business advice
•  Taxation
•  Bookkeeping services
•  Financial reporting
•  Self-assessments

Get in touch with us to find out more.

We are compliant with

•  Companies Act 1985 (as amended by subsequent Acts)
•  Charities Act 1992 (as amended by subsequent Acts)
•  Financial Reporting Council (FRSs & SSAPs)
•  International Accounting Standards (IAS)
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Call EE Consulting on 020 7193 9637 if you are looking for reliable accountants in London.
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